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If you’re interested in learning to play the guitar, or just need a hand up from where you currently are, then I can help you get there 10x faster or years in most cases. I have over 20 years of experience playing and teaching the guitar and have developed a unique teaching method that will help you learn quickly and efficiently. My students have found that I am able to teach them skills that they never thought possible, and with my guidance, they have been able to achieve their musical goals. Read more below if you want to learn more about my guitar instruction services.

If you’re looking for guitar lessons in New Plymouth please read on.

Hi, my name is Burt Ropiha, owner of Guitar Concepts providing New Plymouth Guitar Lessons for over 16 years. I teach beginner to more advanced lessons here in New Plymouth, specialising in absolute beginner guitar lessons.




I can help you learn to play the guitar or improve upon your current abilities. 

I have been fortunate enough to teach professionally for over ten years and have had much live experience as well as the recording and engineering of music.

I don’t use outdated methods that won’t benefit you. You provide me with a list of songs that you would like to learn and I teach you those songs or parts of those songs and the musical rudiments that go with it so you ‘understand’ what you are doing.

If you are new and tired of using youtube and other online lesson resources and still aren’t able to play or understand the basics of playing the guitar then you need an experienced guitar teacher to provide you with lessons.

Listen, hiring a guitar expert is kinda like hiring a car mechanic, because there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that is outside of your view and your expertise. You need to find somebody you can feel confident in.

New Plymouth Guitar Lessons


I have appeared in newspapers and online publications, taught at guitar clinics for both electric and acoustic. I have played at the international guitar clinic here in New Plymouth at G-Taranaki that featured both local and international players.

Questions I Get About My New Plymouth Guitar Lessons

  • Do you teach kids? No. Ages 18+ only
  • Do you teach from scratch, absolute new beginners? Yes I specialise in beginner lessons
  • Do I need my own instrument? Yes, you need something to practise on at home.
  • Do I have to learn to read music? No. It is not necessary to read music in order to play.
  • How long does it take to get good? You will be playing your first song day one and then it usually takes 3 months to some kind of proficiency happening.


Acoustic or Electric Lessons Available:

  • Techniques that are used by top level guitar players
  • What makes music ‘music!’
  • Music theory made easy
  • Many styles are taught


Whether this is your first time ever thinking about learning the Guitar or you have already been playing for years. I have lessons and classes for every experience level on both electric and acoustic guitar for kids to adults. There is a lesson here waiting for you. So if you live in New Plymouth Guitar lessons are just a call away.

I want to help you DOMINATE the guitar, have more musical joy, get confident, have fun and learn the best instrument in the world!

If you want Accurate & Modern Lessons that will set you apart, go ahead and book HERE (spaces are and always will be limited)

Burt Ropiha