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Acoustic guitar is just a flat decoration

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According to the daily mash “an acoustic guitar is just a flat decoration sitting in the corner of a living room has never been played and is irrevocably out of tune”`It has been revealed.

“While Tom Logan’s guitar has remained in a prominent position in the house for six years, a telltale coating of dust betrays a complete lack of use.”

Friend Stephen Malley said: “It’s always in exactly the same place, propped up casually as if Tom’s only just put it down after a jam session.

“But I’ve never seen Tom show any inclination to play it and the other day I idly strummed it and it sounded like a tiny cow that had fallen into a well.”

But Logan insisted the guitar is a prized possession, which he greatly enjoys not playing. He added:

“It’s very important to me that I have a guitar.
 It’s as precious to me as those framed posters for plays I’ve never seen.”

acoustic guitar

Give your acoustic guitar some lovin’

Your guitar is kind of like your puppy dog.

You have to take it out for walk a few times a day (depending on your age- maybe).

My grandfather used to take his dog for walks across to the Waitara river maybe four times a day.

Okay maybe that’s a pretty lousy comparison, either way your acoustic guitar needs some attention instead of being a showroom piece.

You know, I have seen some tragic things in my time including acoustic guitars turned into coffee tables!

Perhaps if your acoustic guitar has a broken neck and is beyond fixing then perhaps it’s a good idea to turn it into an ornamental feature.

Alternative acoustic idea

I have a fantastic idea for those of you who have guitars that are playable just lounging around your home or loitering.

Perhaps like a lazy teenager who refuses to get a job or mow the lawns that he was paid to do.

Take that acoustic guitar brushoff the spiderwebs give it a polish, put some fresh strings on it and get yourself some guitar lessons.

Maybe you can rekindle that love of playing the acoustic that you used to have?

You could easily fall in love with music and the guitar again if you really wanted to.

You could just as easily get your power tools and circular saw and turn your guitar into a lovely ornamental feature or coffee table.

The choice is yours the red pill or the blue Neo? lol

Well that was fun and quite therapeutic. I will be back as soon as I am able to break free of the matrix… In the meantime.

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Credits: Guitar in flat for decorative purposes only – The Daily Mash Images courtesy of freedigitalphotos and zirconicusso