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Fostering Guitar Education & Coolness

You weren’t born overly cool. But as soon as you strap on a guitar whatever coolness was on the inside already starts to multiply exponentially.

This makes you the coolest person in your house, in your family, school or workplace… You dig?

Introducing Bobby

Now we don’t even need to mention how cool Bobby is. It’s clear to see he’s cool already ‘cos he has a guitar in his little roboty hands.

It wasn’t always this way for Bobby you know. He used to be like your friends who aren’t cool. But, after seeing his friend Frederick play Immediately the desire to play the guitar was triggered inside his robot circuitry.

You could say that Bobby got the guitar bug bad and began to teach himself. He spent hour after hour, day after day watching instructional videos on youtube.

After many weeks, he still sucked, in fact, he couldn’t play a whole song or even know what things were called that he was trying to do on the guitar.

One day he just couldn’t take it no more.

Bobby consulted with his Android friend Samsung and googled guitar lessons for his area and found a teacher who was willing to help him out.

What he didn’t realise is the input from an experienced teacher would get him over his learning hurdles months or even years faster than trying to learn on his own.

Of course, he struggled for a little while but did eventually get better as time went on. In fact, Bobby can play many of his favourite songs from start to finish and has not had a meltdown.

You should get guitar lessons and save yourself from short circuiting too.

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