Pentatonic Scale

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The pentatonic scale is the most important

The history of the pentatonic scale

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What does pentatonic mean?

The word pentatonic has two significant meanings for musicians. Penta means five and tonic tone.  So the pentatonic scale is a five-tone scale. Five sounds organised in a specific sequence and arrived at using intervals. An interval is a unit of measurement. Used to describe distance between tones or chords.

Pentatonic scale Intervallic structure 

 major pentatonic

 the scale 1 2 3 5 6

 minor pentatonic

1 b3 4 5 b7

There are two important types of pentatonic scales for musicians.

The first being major the second minor pentatonic.

Minor pentatonic scales are extracted from the seven-note major scale.

We do this by omitting or removing the 4th and 7th notes of the parent major scale.


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  2. At first I was scared and confused from how you were talking, then I
    started to understand and it actually felt gratifying, thanks man:)

  3. I have a guitar that looks like it must be a rough copy of the one you use
    in this video. Yours looks like it’s a Gibson whereas mine’s just an
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    shape originally created by Gretch? 

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