Lessons For Beginners

What you should know first


You can find more info about learning online here

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  1. Very helpful. I’m just starting to learn the guitar today. My son has had
    weekly lessons for 3 years now and he hasn’t really fell in love with the
    thing. I’m hoping if I can start playing he will feel a little competition.

  2. I’ve never played any instrument in my life. This just may be where I
    start. My dream, believe it or not, is to be a famous pop musician, like Ed
    Sheeran. I don’t know if I can or not, but I hope I can.

  3. I can’t spread my fingers so widely like he can, will I eventually be able
    to do that? It’s even hard to have 3 fingers on 3 different threats.

  4. while his tips are helpful, I JUST CAN’T DO IT!!! Every time I try to press
    on the string and strum the string, it sounds stumpy and produces AWFUL
    sound. I followed the steps perfectly but it just isn’t working…. Please

  5. I found this really helpful because I’m only 12 and like I’m starting my
    first guitar lesson next week. I’ve met with my guitar teacher before but I
    honestly just wish to impress him. This is the first instrument which I
    actually felt happy with playing. 

  6. I find I can’t play chords on an acoustic. When I do the fingering, one
    note sounds right but the rest sound wrong. I assume it’s the way I’m
    pressing them, but I don’t know. Any suggestions?

  7. How many lefties really play left handed? I’m left handed and I have a
    right handed guitar. Do you recommend trading it in for a lefty?

  8. Wait wait……what if your lefty…lol do you flip the guitar around
    hahahaha but seriously can someone tell me if anything changes?

  9. Seriously, all the stuff about how sound works is what you learn when you
    are 5. You must think everyone is an idiot. We’re beginners at guitar, not
    beginners at life.

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