Blues Chords

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  1. Marty is one of the very best teachers on youtube. Easy to understand, very
    played, and absolutely not a condescending attitude. He doesn’t take
    himself too
    seriously, an admirable thing. He’s having fun doing it and he is good at
    it. I use
    his vids to teach certain things, and I learn something, too. He is almost
    correct on things and the guy can really play. Keep it up, Marty! We love

  2. may the Schwartz be with you Marty Schwartz is the best teacher I have ever
    had in my life whether it be High School or playing guitar this man has
    taught me more than anything I’ve ever learned I tip my hat off to you for
    giving me the best feeling or should I say the greatest feeling on earth
    like Guitar Center said but never actually do Thank You Marty

  3. So I bought a chord book that catalogues just about every type of chord,
    used it in this video… And I swear every time I watch one of his videos,
    it turns out to be an enlightening experience where I learn a new trick
    that makes me a more versatile and deadly guitarist. Thanks to people like
    Marty, people like me who’ve only played for about a year can have hope and
    take the skill from playing a major scale up and down, over and over, to
    expanding and exploring. That’s one thing that I appreciate: he doesn’t
    simply show you a technique, he says “hey with that technique, here’s what
    you can do with this slight variation” which encourages much more
    creativity, thus eliminating fear of playing such a complex instrument.
    Thank you Marty!

  4. Very many thanks to you, Mr. Marty Jamz!!!! I am following your lessons.
    You are one of my best ideal guitar teachers. I really appreciate your
    blues lessons. Thanks!

  5. I always wondered how to do that chromatic thingmazig from D string (4th
    fret so from G) down to E. now I know what it looks like!!
    Many thanks for this fantastic, bluesy and soulful vid :)

  6. thank you soooooo much Marty this video helped me get over a huge problem
    i’ve been having trying to bring it to the next level with my playing
    ability…you raaaaawk :3

  7. I’m going to try to spend a week with nothing but this video and Ultimate E
    Blues run and see what I can come up with. 

  8. wow. this video has had more hits than granmas mazda. well done marty! keep
    em comin. you are mass educating the hidden guitarists of the world. we are
    all waiting for the next riff or lick vid to blow us all away. we then
    watch intently, mimic the riff and feel the achievement. gotta love the
    internet. gotta love marty. thank you

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